06(🇬🇧). PAWS-PATAS Adoption form DOGS🐕

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I understand that if I want to be contacted by PAWS-PATAS, I need to have selected the Email option above.

(Please remember to bring above document with you on the day of collecting the animal)

NOTE: We do not usually home dogs to full-time workers
In agreeing to adopt the above animal, I agree to the following:
1. Not to re-home or give away the animal within six months
from the date of this contract without prior consultation with PAWS-PATAS.
2. Not to mistreat the animal psychologically or physically
and not to subject the animal to strenuous work.
3. Not to abandon, chain or cage the dog and to exercise it daily.
4. To provide the dog will cool living conditions and shade in summer and a warm and protected space in winter.
I also undertake to give it access to a continuous supply of fresh water,
daily food and regular visits to a veterinarian surgeon when necessary.
I also understand that PAWS-PATAS reserve the right to make as many inspections as they deem necessary
and without prior notice and can retrieve the animal if it observes any anomaly or non-conformance of these conditions,
without any authorisation from any party.
The adoption fee for puppies and adult dogs is 180€
For puppies under six months which have not been neutered, a Vet´s discount voucher, for future neutering, will be enclosed in the homing package.
PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: By selecting this YES box, I confirm that I have read all the above information and agree with it's contents.